Rewarding yourself on the luxury La Pinta cruise in Lan Ha Bay


La Pinta cruise has affirmed its strong position as the pioneer in Lan Ha bay, becoming the tendency in the Vietnamese and international tourism industry.

La Pinta is really the perfect choice for couples, families, or groups of friends to enjoy and explore the beautiful natural scenery of Lan Ha bay – a pristine and dreaming area of the Halong Bay heritage population – one of the seven Natural Wonders of the World.

La Pinta Cabins

La Pinta cruise has 16 luxury cabins with a view out to the gorgeous blue sea and the majestic karst mountains, and a private balcony for each room. The facility in the room is like in a 5-star hotel floating on the water, including an air conditioner, refrigerator, wardrobe, fire protection, and life jackets.

Travelers will feel more secure when joining the Lan Ha bayCat Ba island experience with the various package tours that our cruise ships provide.

Deluxe Ocean View cabin

The first floor consists of 6 Deluxe rooms with large windows towards the sea, creating a closeness between people and the peaceful nature in Lan Ha bay.

The modern and luxury style of Deluxe cabin on La Pinta cruise (

With a space area of 32 square meters, each room includes a bedroom, a bathroom, a double bed and a twin bed for couples or friends. This kind of room is suitable for 2 adults and 1 child of 5 years old. In the private balcony, we offer tourists the chairs and coffee table, so they can rest and relax before starting a good day or after the adventure time exploring the beautiful beaches.

Premium Family Connecting cabin

Located on the first and second floors of the junk, as its name, 4 Family Connecting cabins are extremely suitable, comfortable, and convenient for parents with at least two children that the parents can always look after all their children’s activities like at home.

Premium Family Connecting (

With an area of 34 square meters x2, the Family Connecting includes a double room, a twin room, 2 bathrooms, a wardrobe, air conditioner, and refrigerator, etc. The private balcony of the room will definitely make the vacation of you and your family perfect and unforgettable with the experience of the gorgeous Lan Ha bay in a luxurious space.

La Pinta Suite cabin

Located on the second floor of the boat, this room is extremely refreshing with the state-of-the-art, luxurious design and the modern facilities. Through the large full-sized windows, our guests can admire the most panoramic view of the beautiful Lan Ha bay landscape.

La Pinta Suite with a view towards the sea (

The room is 52.7 meters wide including the private balcony with the chairs and a coffee table, is the ideal choice for those who want to relax, slowly drink a cup of coffee while spending the time to behold the bay.

Executive Ocean View cabin

There are 6 Executive Ocean View rooms on the second floor of the cruise ship. Each cabin includes a twin bed, full-sized windows looking towards the sea, bathroom, wardrobe, and personal safe. The room is extremely comfortable and spacious, offering travelers a warm feeling as living in their home.

Executive Ocean View cabin (

La Pinta Sundeck

Our amazing sundeck is where you will not want to miss to participate in the funny and exciting activities with your family and friends. The sundeck has a row of the eye-catching benches in the luxurious plum purple color, combining with the green color of the carpet.

In the space of nature, tourists will have various activities such as jumping into the sea, lying on the bench and relaxing, admiring the dreaming and also majestic landscape, drinking a cocktail, having a seafood barbecue in the evening, etc. And in the late evening, guests will have a chance to experience the cool breath of the wind on the sea and talk with each other, with other groups on the cruise in the melodious music before bedtime.

La Pinta Restaurant

Our restaurant is where tourists will be served the European-styled meals for breakfast and lunch. The restaurant is located on the first floor, equipped with a bar and many private tables. The ingredients for your meals are the local and fresh seafood, so you and your family will be ensured about the quality as well as the value of our services here.

La Pinta Package tours

La Pinta Lan Ha bay cruise is a luxury overnight cruise, serving tourists in Halong bay and Lan Ha bay. We believe that with our routes, every tourist will be very satisfied to explore the beaches, join various exciting activities on the beach such as bathing, diving to see the coral reefs, climbing, squid fishing, kayaking, etc, and enjoy the fresh seafood here.

The pristine and gorgeous landscape in Lan Ha bay

2 days 1 night

The route will include the most famous and beautiful destinations in Halong bay and Lan Ha bay: Halong Bay – Lan Ha Bay, Got ferry, Da Chong islet, Cua Van fishing village, Ba Trai Dao beach (Three Peaches beach), Tra Bau area, Dark cave, and Bright cave.

3 days 2 nights

Choosing this route, guests will have one more day to visit thoroughly the caves, the beaches on the islands, the stalactite mountains, etc. They include Halong bay – Lan Ha bay, Got ferry, Da Chong islet, Cua Van fishing village, Ba Trai Dao beach (Three Peaches beach), Tra Bau area, Viet Hai village, Ba Ham lake, Dark & Bright caves, and especially tourists will have a chance to discover Bai Tu Long bay with its beautiful islands and white sandy beaches.

With our detailed information, hope you will have the fantastic experience in a La Pinta tour in Lan Ha Bay. If this is useful for you, please like and share with others. Thank you.


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