Nguyen Hue Walking Street in Saigon


One of the most interesting tourist attractions in Saigon is Nguyen Hue walking Street. This is a perfect place that you can selfie lots of beautiful photos of you and your friends.

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Under French domination period, Nguyen Hue Street was Cho Vai Canal from the bank of Sai Gon River (Bach Dang Wharf now) to Xa Tay Palace (People’s Committee Building of Ho Chi Minh City now). Cho Vai Canal was the inner-city waterway for merchant ships and military vessels. Along the two banks of the canal are two streets named Charner and Rigault. In 1887, French Colonial had the canal filled and the two streets merged into Charner Boulevard. The top of Charner Boulevard (in the front of People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City now) was the location, French navel band often performed on the solemn holidays. In 1956, Charner Boulevard was renamed Nguyen Hue Boulevard and became the most beautiful street in Saigon at that time.

Nguyen Hue Walking Street is one of the most interesting tourist attractions in Saigon (via Vietbao)

Nguyen Hue Walking Street today

Currently, Nguyen Hue Street becomes the walking street including 2 areas with 670m in total length and 60m in width. The area of President Ho Chi Minh Statue Park (from Le Thanh Ton Street to Le Loi Street) is set Uncle Ho’s copper alloy statue with the height of 7.2m, facing to Sai Gon River. Behind Uncle Ho’s Statue, there is a stele inscribing the presentation of Southern Interim Administrative Committee before the city’s people after the success of August Revolution in 1945. The park also has the lotus pond, two lines of white fragipanes and a lot of colorful flowers and trees.

The area of Nguyen Hue Square (from Le Loi Street to Ton Duc Thang Street) includes a walking street paved granite in the middle and two lanes for vehicles in the two sides. They are parted by tree lines and flower beds. Misting system is arranged in the tree lines to cool the air, prevent dust and create humidify for trees. The square is also installed modern art lighting and water music systems, the two basements with public toilets and the monitoring and controlling centre of cameras, lighting, water music,…

Nguyen Hue Walking Street (via

Cutural activities

Nguyen Hue Walking Street is the place to organize parades, meetings, street and flower festivals, exhibitions, culture and sports activities, art performances… of Ho Chi Minh City. Especially, the street art performance program named Ho Chi Minh City Street Show is held in the evenings of Saturdays and Sundays.

The street provides free Wi-Fi 24/24 to serve visitors with the speed of 1Gb/second, ensuring many people can access the internet at the same time.

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