2 islands in Saigon attracting backpackers


Perhaps many visitors do not know that, even in Saigon, there are unspoiled islands make you crazy.

>>Dai Nam Park

Thanh An Island

Located east of Ho Chi Minh City,  the offshore commune of Thanh An in Can Gio District was known as the most difficult area of the city. However, thanks to the tireless efforts of the authorities and locals, Thanh An has changed for the better and attracts a large number of tourists. From Ho Chi Minh City, we drove to the Sac Forest and arrived at the wharf in the town of Can Thanh where there are five ferry-boats to Thanh An Island and back everyday, costing 10,000 VND/ticket. It takes  about 40 minutes to get to the island commune which is surrounded by mangrove forests and  a wave preventing dyke.

Thanh An Island

Coming here, guests will discover a pristine and peaceful water under the warm welcome of the people of peaceful and hospitality fishing village, and enjoy a variety of specialty with strong marine flavor.

Thanh An island with an area of about 131 km² with a population of about 5,000 residents which was seen as key gateway of Saigon – Gia Dinh in the past and located between two major rivers: Thi Vai River and Long Tau River.

The people on this poor island commune still depend entirely on sea fishing and salt production.

You can visit Thanh An island at any time of the year, but should avoid travel on rainy days, because Thanh An island’s boat ship is timber which is not appropriate to go into the rainy season.

Thieng Lieng island

Yet also in Ho Chi Minh City, but the Thieng Lieng island belonged to Can Gio district which will bring you moments of rare peace between the city life with rhythm noise.

Thieng Lieng Island

Many people come to Thieng Lieng island simply to explore and feel the life here, to experience a remote and difficult place in Saigon. The landscape here is mostly water river banks and canals, accompanied by forest-covered trees on the island. The island is not too big so popular means in here are cycling and walking. Motorcycles also appear but not much. Thus, the air in the island is still fresh and the smog situation is not as much as in urban areas.

Besides, visitors coming here will also have the opportunity to learn more about the profession of salt and see the vast salt fields in Thieng Lieng. However it lasts in sunny season so you should choose the appropriate time. Thieng Lieng is one of the rare areas preserved the traditional way of making the salt.

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