Bun be be – Noodle with mantis shrimp

Bun be be - Noodle with mantis shrimp
Bun be be - Noodle with mantis shrimp

The acerbity of tamarind, the spicy of chili and the sweetness of dozens of ingredients make the attraction of a bowl of Bun be be (Noodle with mantis shrimp).

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The attraction of Bun be be (Noodle with mantis shrimp)

Mantis shrimp is a high nutrient seafood and are processed into many delicious dishes.

To have a high quality bowl of mantis shrimp noodle, the most important thing is the broth. The cooks in Saigon often use fresh coconut water, bone, tamarind, tomato and some spicies such as salt, sugar… to create the broth for this dish and it is always kept at high temperature.

Mantis shrimp
Mantis shrimp

Shrimp and fish rolls are one of the ingredients in mantis shrimp noodle bowl. In some restaurants, a special type of fish rolls is used to create the unique favor for this dish. The steamed squid brings for customer the favor of the sea. The scallop makes the broth have a strong favor. Pork rolls and dried tofu are also important ingredients of this dish.

The “main character” of this food are mantis shrimps. These mantis shrimps are very fresh, have a natural sweetness and bring the strong favor of the sea.

How it can be served

Bun Be Be
Bun Be Be

A bowl of mantis shrimp noodle is served with water spinach and some spicies such salt, pepper and lemon. The price for a bowl is from 40,000VND to 60,000VND. Not only mantis, some restaurants also add crab meat for this food. The customer can enjoy this dish in restaurants on Hoa Lan road (Phu Nhuan district) or Nguyen Thi Thap street (District 7, Ho Chi Minh City).


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