Best streets to try street food in Saigon


Conssidered as one of the best places for street food in Vietnam so tasting street food is an amazing experience you should not miss while traveling Saigon. Here are some great streets to enjoy Saigon’s specialties:

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Van Kiep Street

If you desire variety, look no further – this street is a cornucopia of food options, all located within a few hundred meters of one another. Phở, bánh canh cua, bánh mì, bánh xèo, bún mắm, bún bò Huế, bún chả, nem nướng, chè are just a sampling of the options.

Quán Út Lang, is a standout, offering skewered meat, seafood and vegetables, cooked to order over a huge coal-fired grill. Don’t forgo the grilled octopus (bạch tuộc nướng).

Street food at Van Kiep Street (via Apro Travel)

Su Van Hanh Street

The block between Ngô Gia Tự and Nguyễn Chí Thanh on Sư Vạn Hạnh is a street food gem, especially its dozens of bánh xèo vendors. Coracle highlights the family owned 004 Lô H (literally ‘Block H’) which has been serving up the savory pancakes in the same spot for 14 years.

If you’re a fan of “chè” be sure to head down to the desert stall on the Southern end of the street where you’ll find 16 different varieties of the sweet soups.

Vinh Khanh Street

Once a favorite spot of notorious gangster Năm Cam, Vĩnh Khánh Street is an “ốc” paradise. The place is abuzz with hundreds of groups grubbing up on seafood. A soundtrack is provided by the curbside entertainers that include not only motorbike karaoke singers, but fire-eaters and Michael Jackson impersonators (I’d like to see MJ do the moonwalk through motorbike traffic).

Vinh Khanh Street (via Best Vietnam tour company)

The most famous joint on the strip is Ốc Oanh (534 Vĩnh Khánh Street) which is renowned for its ốc hương ràn muối ớt (fried sea snails with salt and chilli) and sò điệp nướng mỡ hành (grilled scallops with spring onions and peanuts).

If seafood’s not your game, Quán BBQ Lúa (33 Vĩnh Khánh Street) offers grill-it-yourself barbecue with your choice of beef, pork, goat and fish.

Phan Van Han Street

Located just across from District 1’s gleaming skyline is an inconspicuous narrow street that is frequented by university students looking for a cheap meal. Try the bột chiên at the corner of Phan Văn Hân and Xô Viết Nghẹ Tĩnh streets where the vendor has been selling the specialty for 20 years.

Street foods in Saigon (via Vietnam Coracle)

There’s also a great noodle place, Lương Ký Mì Gia, (1 Huỳnh Mẫn Đạt Street) at the eastern extreme of Phan Văn Hân Street which serves up a number of Vietnamese noodle dishes, the best of which may be the mì vịt tiềm (fresh yellow noodles with marinated duck). But be sure to arrive early as it quickly sells out.

Co Giang Street

Perhaps the best collection of street food nearby the backpacker area, Cô Giang is far enough away from it to keep up its local feel. On the corner of Cô Giang and Đề Thám streets is a collection of places that specialize in hủ tiếu xào, a type of Chinese-style fried noodles.

The bò lá lốt at Hoàng Yến (121 Cô Giang Street) is not only delicious, but also cheap at VND20,000 per person.

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