Top things to do in Saigon at night


To experience Saigon nightlife, you have many options to indulge yourself to wander and discover all the alleyways. Here are things to do in Ho Chi Minh City at night that we highly recommend for you.

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Wandering and taking selfie on Nguyen Hue walking street

One of the most interesting destinations in Saigon is Nguyen Hue walking Street. This is a perfect place that you can selfie lots of beautiful photos of you and your friends. Many joyful activities are organized in this street for a pleasant Saigon night tour: music band playing drum and guitar to bring you funny music pieces and many youngsters join together for a liberal dance.

Nguyen Hue Walking Street (via Rental Car Vietnam)

Enjoying different cafe spaces

If you want to experience exciting atmosphere, come to live music cafés or rock cafés with acoustic music. There only you are yourself with the music. The sounds from drum, guitar and the cheers of everyone will drive you to mix with the crowd and dance under the exciting music.

As a simpler alternative to go for sightseeing at Saigon night, there are always 24/7 cafés available to welcome you. When it comes to late night, the colorful street sign-boards seem to invite you to enjoy peaceful moments during Saigon nightlife. A tasteful cup of coffee will awake your senses. 

Enjoying cafe spaces (via VietNamMoi)

Visiting Pho Tay (street for foreigners) and chatting

Pho Tay is a friendly name that the locals and Saigon tourists refer to the urban area of Pham Ngu Lao, De Tham, Bui Vien and Do Quang Dau Streets. These sites only get really exciting from 7 pm when the streets turn out to be a busy Saigon night market where vehicles and groups of people are walking and gathering in cafés, bars, shops and restaurants in close proximity to one another. 

The music from bars and pubs here seem to be on to attract both Vietnamese and foreign tourists to stop for a while. New friends and conversations about foreign lands all over the world make everybody to get closer together while drinking cool beer.

Discovering Ben Thanh, Saigon night market

Starting from 7 pm, the kiosks inside are closed to give places for Ben Thanh night market organized beside the market building. Then the stalls of handicrafts, souvenirs, clothing and shoes are opened up. Especially, many delicious dishes are also available here such as grilled food, seafood, beer, specialties, etc. that you must have been recommended in any Ho Chi Minh City nightlife guide when visiting this place which is voted one of best Vietnam tourist attractions.

Ben Thanh Market (via Eat. Travel. Photography)

Walking on Thu Thiem Bridge

This windy and immense night-time space creates a different Saigon nightlife that reflects a peaceful Saigon with many strange things. That is the feeling that many young people like to enjoy on Thu Thiem Bridge when it comes to late night in Saigon. Thu Thiem Bridge is the second favorite sitting site that many young people usually come to gather for a chat in addition to the well-known sitting place next to side of the Notre Dame Cathedral.

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